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1977 PontShin industry limited company (PontShin Industrial Co.,Ltd.) was found in Taiwan,started
     with log/lumber import-export trading and the timber processing manufacture business.
1980 PontShin has established diverse industrial production teams one after another.Nevertheless,
     PontShin also extended its scope to the architecture industry,packing material,electronics,
     Non-woven fabrics, and mechanical manufacture, etc.This phase development enables PontShin
     to become a multi-position manufacture corporation serving to our global industries.  
1995 PontShin got involved into the non-woven fabrics industry and started to develop/manufacture
     non-woven materials for various industries. Understanding that exceptional quality is our
     ultimate goal, we've deployed perpetual research and development to ensure that our products
     are applicable for various industrial requirements.Now,our products have successfully
     applied in various industries, such as printing process, electronic manufacturing,
     medical/nursing care, environmental hygiene, automobile manufacturing, optics, and circuitry
     board manufacturing line, etc. Proudly to say that our well designed products have
     participated in all kinds of indispensable livelihood.
2003 We strategically established the PontShin Electronic Special Material Co., Ltd located at
     Kunshan city, Jiangsu. For content with clients demand we moved to new development zone
     covering 14,000 square meters.

Kunshan, China Taipei, Taiwan

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